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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Ask the Doc

Ask the doc: Anemia and health

“Does being anemic mean I’m unhealthy? How do I fix this?”—Marla-Ann, Sackville, New BrunswickTo answer your question, first we need to define anemia, discuss the most likely causes of anemia in your gender and...
Acid reflux

Ask the doc: Acid reflux

“How can I reduce acid reflux?”—Sherie, Gainesville, FloridaAcid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD) is one of those complaints where the treatment sits on the fence between self-care and professional medical care. For young,...
Eye Health

Ask the doc: Giving your eyes a technology break

“Reading for too long is bad for your eyes but often unavoidable in an academic setting. After how much time should you give your eyes a break, and how?”—Erin, Victoria, Canada Computers have...

Ask the doc: Concussion symptoms

“What are some residual symptoms after mild to moderate concussions?”—Emmet, Thunder Bay, OntarioWhat is a concussion?A concussion is a brain injury caused by trauma to the head or a hit to the body that...
Ask the Doc

Ask the doc: “Theory of chill”

“Does walking on a cold floor without socks (or going outside without a coat/hat, etc.) increase your chances of getting sick?”—Nelson, Elgin, IllinoisHonestly—probably not. We refer to this in the medical community as the...

Ask the doc: Anxiety

“When should I be concerned about anxiety?”—Adrian, Toronto, CanadaFirst of all, it is important to say that some anxiety is good for us. It stimulates us to take action and go beyond our comfort...
Health search online

Ask the doc: Online health searches versus going to a doctor

“Google always gives me an extreme diagnosis of symptoms I’m having. How can I tell the severity of my issue without going straight to the doctor?”—Jessie, Windsor, OntarioOne of the questions I ask when...
Test anxiety

Ask the doc: Shortness of breath and hot flashes during tests

“Why do I get shortness of breath and hot flashes during tests?”—Leslie, Gainesville, FloridaThere is no way for me to be sure what’s causing your symptoms, so it’s best to discuss them with a...
Lactose intolerent

Ask the doc: How exactly does one become lactose intolerant?

“How exactly does one become lactose intolerant?”—Yayra, Nova Scotia, CanadaWhat is lactose intolerance?Let’s first talk about what lactose intolerance means. Lactose is a sugar contained in milk products. It can’t be absorbed from your...
Skin cleanser

Ask the doc: The best way to treat chest and back acne

“What is the best way to treat chest and back acne?”—Jon, Elmhurst, IllinoisJon,Every day, your skin sheds dead skin cells, and these can mix with sebum and plug your hair follicles. Sebum is a...